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observe Command

Console command

This command switches the game into an observer mode, where you can watch events without direct control. Use the command play to revert control.

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Quick Overview

The observe command in Stellaris is used to change the game mode to an observer mode.

When in this mode, you will not have direct control over any empires or actions in the game.

Instead, you will be able to watch events unfold from a neutral perspective, observing the actions of all empires and entities in the game world without being able to interfere.

To regain control and switch back to normal play mode, you have to use the play command.

In-Depth Description

The observe command in Stellaris is used to switch the player's view from a participant to an observer.

When this command is activated, the player loses control over their empire and instead is allowed to simply watch the game unfold without any direct influence on the events happening.

The player becomes a passive observer of the entire galaxy. This could be helpful for players who simply want to enjoy the unfolding events, or study the AI's behavior under different circumstances.

It's important to note that you can't directly control any empire in this mode.

However, you can inspect any empire's data such as their technology, diplomacy, economy, and fleets, among others. This provides you a larger picture of how your game world is evolving, making it a great tool for learning and refining strategies.

You can revert back to control over an empire using the play command followed by the ID/country index of the desired empire.

For instance, if you wanted to control an empire with an ID of 5, you would type play 5. After reactivating player control, you can continue gameplay as normal.

How to Open the Command Console

In Stellaris, cheats are executed from the command console, a text box that you type commands into.

To open the command console press the ~(tilde) key, which is typically located under ESC (escape).

If your keyboard does not have that key, or pressing ~ does not work, try the following keys:

  • ~
  • SHIFT + 2
  • SHIFT + 3
  • ALT + 2 + 1

Type your command into the console, and then press ENTER .

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