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A complete and up-to-date searchable list of all Stellaris resource IDs.

Resources can vary from fairly common food crops to very rare substances such as dark matter and also abstract concepts such as influence and research.

There are two kinds of resources: Material and Abstract. In addition, certain empire capacities (e.g. naval capacity) or planetary values (e.g. amenities) are "produced" in a similar way to resources. If an empire's stored stockpile for a material resource drops to 0 with negative income, a Shortage situation begins.

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Alloys are advanced resources with a military application, which we need to construct Ships and Starbases.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods is an advanced resource that represents the various gadgets, luxuries and goods necessary to give your Pops a good life and to perform intellectual Jobs such as Research.

Dark Matter

This exotic substance has many properties that seemingly defy several natural laws. Harvestable concentrations can only be found near Black Holes or in certain nebulas.

Energy Credits

Energy Credits is an energy backed currency accepted by all space-faring races.

Engineering Research

Physics / Society / Engineering Research is used to research new technologies.

Exotic Gases

Rare and exotic gases with a variety of uses, particularly in the operation of advanced energy-based weaponry and force fields. Some of the gases can also be used as starship fuel or even as recreational drugs.


Food represents the various nutrients required to sustain and grow Pops.


Influence represents political clout and is used for things like making Claims and building Outposts. The gain rate remains fairly constant throughout the game, but can be increased by declaring other empires your Rivals or increasing your Power Projection.

Living Metal

This inorganic metal shows characteristics usually seen only in biological life forms. It will always attempt to regenerate back into the shape it was stabilized into.


Minerals is a collective term for the basic resources we need to construct ships, stations and planetary buildings.

Minor Artifacts

Minor Artifacts represent obscure technology and half-forgotten lore recovered from archaic civilizations, only partially understood by our own science. They are more common than Relics, and can be spent to enact various empire-wide effects.


Simple but powerful nanoactuators, allowing for complex manipulations and experiments of macroscopic scales.

Physics Research

Physics / Society / Engineering Research is used to research new technologies.

Rare Crystals

These crystals have properties that make them extremely effective at focusing laser beams, and they are also a critical component in most advanced electronics. In addition, many cultures treasure them as decorations and adornments.

Society Research

Physics / Society / Engineering Research is used to research new technologies.


Unity is used to unlock new Traditions, recruit Leaders and enact Edicts. We can increase our output by building an Autochton Monument or other buildings that provide jobs which produce Unity.

Volatile Motes

These preternatural particles contain a tremendous amount of energy which could be exploited in energy production, as fuel or even as explosives.


An extremely rare aerosol of exotic particles. It has been deposited on a number of worlds through meteor impacts, but its true origin is a mystery. If ingested by psionically-gifted individuals, zro acts as a very potent (and addictive) drug that enhances PSI abilities.

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