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A modifier influences a scope's gameplay state, be it a country, planet, etc.

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A Life Worthwhile
Empire Modifierlost_moment_memento
Abandoned Terraforming Project

This world was partially terraformed thousands of years ago, but the process was interrupted for unknown reasons. The result is a highly unstable climate system and biosphere.

Planet Modifier (Other)abandoned_terraforming
Administrator Beryllia
Empire Modifierborin_administrator_beryllia
Empire Modifierageless
Alloy Hyperfabricator

Placed in a foundry this mysterious device increases the efficiency of alloy production.

Planet Modifier (Other)alloy_relic
Amoeba Hunter
Empire Modifieramoeba_hunting_buff
Ancient Harvesters

Ancient solar-powered harvesters assist in gathering the planet's crops

Planet Modifier (Other)ancient_harvesters
Ancient Terraforming

Ancient terraforming techniques have turned this world into a lush paradise.

Planet Modifier (Other)gaia_world
Ancient Trade Route

The deciphering of ancient trade route charts have revealed this place to be of greater mercantile import than first assumed.

Planet Modifier (Other)ancient_trade_route
Anthem of Aurora
Empire Modifieranthem_of_aurora
Armor Layering
Empire Modifiertalon_armor
Ascetic Approach
Empire Modifierparagon_origin_rebel_spiritualist
Asteroid Belt
Planet Modifier (Starting)asteroid_belt
Asteroid Encryption
Empire Modifierasteroid_encryption
Asteroid Impacts
Planet Modifier (Starting)asteroid_impacts
Asteroid Relay Stations
Empire Modifierasteroid_relay_stations
Asteroid Thrusters
Empire Modifierasteroid_thrusters
Atmospheric Aphrodisiac

Something in the air of this planet seems to put people in the mood to reproduce.

Planet Modifier (Starting)atmospheric_aphrodisiac
Atmospheric Hallucinogen
Planet Modifier (Starting)atmospheric_hallucinogen
Bane of the Prophetess
Empire Modifierbane_of_the_prophetess

Life struggles to survive here, and while some clings to a tenacious existence it is anemic and sickly.

Planet Modifier (Starting)bleak_planet
C.A.R.E Interactive Interface

The ancient C.A.R.E Interactive Interface is working at full capacity on this planet - with some modern improvements, of course.

Planet Modifier (Other)pm_planetary_mechanocalibrator
Carbon World

This world has been formed mostly out of carbon, and contains little oxygen.

Planet Modifier (Starting)carbon_world
Certified Educator
Empire Modifierpayback_student
Chamber from the Fortress

This world hosts a Chamber from the Enigmatic Fortress, capable of reforming itself for whatever the inhabitants need, most of the time.

Planet Modifier (Other)fortress_trophy
Cheap Thrills

The Evermore, originally a virtual realm in which the digitized consciousnesses of aliens lived in eternal bliss, has been repurposed into a playground for the masses.

Empire Modifierthe_evermore_modifier
Cleansed Voidspawn's Venom Gland

The cleansed Venom Gland of the Void adorns this world. After an initial leak stopped it from being displayed, now it's visible for all.

Planet Modifier (Other)voidspawn_trophy
Closed Society
Empire Modifierparagon_origin_rebel_xenophobe
Cloud Destroyer
Empire Modifiercloud_hunting_buff
Colonial Remains

Some remnants of our former colony remain. Using them as a base will make it easier to re-colonize this planet.

Planet Modifier (Other)colonial_remains
Colonial Spirit

Determined to forge a new life on the frontier, the forefathers of this colony had an astounding work ethic which became a time-honored tradition.

Planet Modifier (Starting)colonial_spirit_mod
Covenant: Composer of Strands (starting)
Empire Modifiercovenant_composer_of_strands_0
Covenant: Composer of Strands (upgraded)
Empire Modifiercovenant_composer_of_strands
Covenant: Eater of Worlds (starting)
Empire Modifiercovenant_eater_of_worlds_0
Covenant: Eater of Worlds (upgraded)
Empire Modifiercovenant_eater_of_worlds
Covenant: Instrument of Desire (starting)
Empire Modifiercovenant_instrument_of_desire_0
Covenant: Instrument of Desire (upgraded)
Empire Modifiercovenant_instrument_of_desire
Covenant: Whispers of the Void (starting)
Empire Modifiercovenant_whisperers_in_the_void_0
Covenant: Whispers of the Void (upgraded)
Empire Modifiercovenant_whisperers_in_the_void
Crystal Focus
Empire Modifiercrystal_focus
Crystal Hunter
Empire Modifiercrystal_hunting_buff
Dead God

The corpse of some gargantuan alien creature keeps silent vigil in orbit over this planet.

Planet Modifier (Other)dead_god_planet
Debris Field

The orbiting debris from the wrecked Minamar ship frequently rains down upon the planet below. Any surface infrastructure will require more regular and intensive maintenance to repair the damage done.

Planet Modifier (Starting)payback_debris_field
Debug Subroutine
Empire Modifierdebug_subroutine
Defeated Absurdism
Empire Modifierfirst_contact_defeated_dadaism
Delicious Titans

Harvesting the Titanic life for research data has had an unexplained side benefit: They taste great!

Planet Modifier (Other)eat_the_titans
Devourer's Egg Sac

The last collection of Stellar Devourer Eggs in the galaxy.

Planet Modifier (Other)stellar_devourer_trophy
Drake's Fang

The fang of an Ether Drake is the centerpiece of this world's capital.

Planet Modifier (Other)ether_trophy
Dreadnought's Reactor

A reactor from the Automated Dreadnought partially powers this world.

Planet Modifier (Other)dread_trophy
Drone Destroyer
Empire Modifierdrone_hunting_buff
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