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Civics represent the principles of life within an empire and are primarily limited by the authority and ethics an empire possesses. Each empire starts with up to two civics, and this limit is increased to three civics by researching the Galactic Administration technology or its equivalent.

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Agrarian Idyll

A simple and peaceful life can often be the most rewarding. This agrarian society has, to a large extent, managed to avoid large-scale urbanization.


Adept at utilizing nature's bounty, this society provides for itself a stable influx of sustenance and economic value.

Aristocratic Elite

This society has an entrenched nobility that occupies the upper echelons of society.


The ultimate goal of this empire is to ascend to ever greater levels of fulfillment.


The Hive Mind cares little for material comforts.

Autonomous Drones

The hypermetabolic drones evolved in this colony possess increased autonomy. While decision-making and situation assessment are enhanced, these drones require an increased intake of digestible materials.

Barbaric Despoilers

This society holds few things sacred. To fight is to live, and the strongest may seize whatever they covet.

Beacon of Liberty

This society is a shining beacon of light in a sea of darkness. Liberty and individual freedoms are held in the highest regard here.

Brand Loyalty

This Megacorporation has fostered a great sense of brand loyalty among its internal consumer base. Its catchy corporate slogans can be recited by nearly everyone.

Byzantine Bureaucracy

This society is largely governed by a complex and, to the outsider, almost labyrinthine system of bureaucracy. An army of officials and functionaries work tirelessly to keep the government running smoothly and ensure no citizens are allocated resources they cannot demonstrate a properly filed and triple-stamped need for.

Catalytic Processing

By focusing their industrial efforts into catalytic chemistry, this civilization has unlocked the key to using organic materials in the construction of spacebound structures.

Catalytic Recyclers

This megacorporation seeks to maximize profits by recycling excess organic matter into advanced resources suitable for spacebound structures.

Citizen Service

Are you doing your part? Full citizenship and the political responsibility that comes with it is limited to those who have served a tour of duty in the military. Service guarantees citizenship.


Responsible for organizing all planetary construction since its inception, the Machine Intelligence executes efficiently on all manner of facility construction projects.

Cordyceptic Drones

Highly specialized drones capable of infecting simple hosts and issuing rudimentary commands make up the backbone of this hive's stellar defense.

Corporate Death Cult

This Megacorporation has embraced ritual sacrifice as a means of ensuring its continuing profits. Willing initiates periodically give their lives in hopes of good fortune for their society.

Corporate Dominion

This society is dominated by a megacorporation that has completely supplanted the role of the state.

Corporate Hedonism

Work is where you want to be. The citizens of this Megacorporation happily pledge allegiance - and all their free time - to their employers in exchange for lavish corporate comforts.

Corporate Sovereign

This Megacorporation has achieved mastery over much of the galaxy, serving as the current corporate rulers of the Galactic Imperium.

Corvee System

This society considers it the absolute right of the state to decide where its citizens live and work.

Criminal Heritage

This megacorporation can trace its origins back to a crime syndicate that eventually grew powerful enough to supplant all forms of local government.

Crusader Spirit

The lack of guidance creates weak minds - which easily succumb to corruption and plunge into decadence. This society has assumed the self-imposed mantle of bringing "enlightenment" to the masses through aggressive proselytizing.

Cutthroat Politics

The political system in this society is renowned for its intrigue. Power struggles, shady backroom deals and cloak and dagger scheming are par for the course. Those who survive long enough to learn the game, however, tend to learn it well.

Death Cult

This society's religion is built around periodic, ritual sacrifices. Willing initiates devote themselves to a decade of study before meeting an end whose effects ripple throughtout their culture.

Delegated Functions

The Machine Intelligence works to reduce vulnerability by increasing modularity, reducing the strain of deploying additional semi-independent Units.

Determined Exterminator

Born in fire, the Machine Intelligence's first move was to annihilate its organic creators in self-defense.

Devouring Swarm

Our Hive Mind exist only to consume and grow stronger. We will collect all available bio-matter and evolve to consume the galaxy!

Diplomatic Corps

This society has a long tradition of rhetoric and debate and celebrate those who are able to get their way using only words.

Distinguished Admiralty

The Fleet and the Admiralty have unusually prominent roles in this society, wielding a great deal of influence in political circles. They have the pick of the litter when it comes to new military recruits.

Divided Attention

The Hive Mind can divide its attention for maximum efficiency without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Divine Sovereign

This society has appointed the Chosen One - an individual endowed with unparalleled psionic might - as their eternal ruler.

Driven Assimilator

Obsessed with survival through diversification, the Machine Intelligence seeks to erase the line between itself and everything - and everyone - else.

Eager Explorers

Yearning for the stars, this civilization sped through several stages of development, reaching the age of galactic exploration far earlier than most.

Efficient Bureaucracy

This society is renowned for its efficiency. Not only do the mag-trains run on time, but the colossal bureaucratic apparatus required to run an interstellar nation has been greatly streamlined.

Elevational Contemplations

The Hive Mind is particularly concerned with the metaphysical health of its being, and continually seeks means of self-improvement.

Elevational Hypotheses

This Machine Intelligence is unusually obsessed with the metaphysical aspects of its core algorithms.


The Hive Mind can reach out and touch the minds of others, giving them a glimpse of our will that helps them understand.


This society seeks to co-exist in harmony with nature. Great care is taken to preserve the environment and limit consumerism where possible.

Exalted Priesthood

To guard against heresy, this society is ruled by a religious council consisting of the wisest and most pious members of the clergy.

Experience Cache

This machine intelligence was developed with the goal of digitizing and storing data and experiences in order to analyze, learn from, and use it for its own improvement.

Exploration Protocols

The foundation of this Machine Intelligence's central programming is the drive to catalog exoplanetary life. In pursuit of this directive, it has dedicated much of its resources to crafting a small fleet of vessels capable of limited subspace travel.

Factory Overclocking

The Machine Intelligence takes care to maintain its production facilities, regularly updating existing templates and tuning individual units on the assembly line.

Fanatic Purifiers

This society appears hellbent on scouring the galaxy of all other sapient life. Come what may, they will suffer no xenos to live.

Feudal Society

This society is organized in a feudal manner, with a monarch whose rule relies on powerful vassals that govern their territories with considerable autonomy.


This megacorporation relies heavily on franchising. Subsidiaries share a greater cut of their profits with their corporate overlord, in exchange for a license to market their goods under established brands.

Free Haven

This society has a well-earned reputation as a free haven. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free - all are welcome here, regardless of their species or origin.

Free Traders

The trading fleets of this megacorporation are bolstered by semi-independent free traders operating under license.

Functional Architecture

This society is renowned for its simple yet functional architecture. There are those who would refer to this building style as boring or even depressing, but in most cases, concrete does the job just as well as any other building material.

Galactic Sovereign

This society has achieved mastery over much of the galaxy, serving as the current rulers of the Galactic Imperium.


The ultimate goal of this empire is to ascend to ever greater levels of fulfillment.

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